not a food expert? that's a #fail


Let’s go on a journey to slightly simpler times.

Rewind 10 years. Would our past selves have pre-empted cake-design becoming a culinary discipline or that chefs would transform into international celebrities? Fast forward to today; ‘Paleo’ coffee-table cookbooks are found at the coolest concept stores and Deliveroo’s Instagram feed looks like a photo exhibition. To an extent, there is a social pressure to join the food culture and to push the boundaries further. Some projects presented by this year’s graduates acknowledge the sinister side to #foodporn.

If; Then; Else is a project by BA Ceramic Design graduate Lucy Anderson. It features a table setting consisting of four plates, of which two that move when food is placed onto the others, making it difficult to consume it. The jerky movement symbolises the controversies surrounding food today. The If; Then; Else experience intends to provoke discussions around the substantial amount of complicated information available regarding food. This includes the sense of confusion generated by the multiple – and sometimes conflicting – messages, as well as the social pressure from peers to be ‘an active user’ within food culture.


“Much of my most recent work has revolved around the value of food in today’s society; the close relationship between ceramics and food had made this an ideal material for exploring this topic.”

- Lucy Anderson


The social pressure surrounding ‘being in the know’ of food culture is so evident to MIllenials. Some engage with notions of what is acceptable or preferable, meanwhile poking fun at some of the food culture extremes, all in attempt to demonstrate that the peripheries of food culture are darker spaces than the mainstream (and seemingly fun) ideology.