“bespoke water is like story-telling”

Seriously? Is there a point where it becomes too much?


If aliens made contact with Earth today and spent some time browsing the Internet, they could be forgiven for believing that crafts were invented in Brooklyn and Shoreditch in the 2000s.

Paul Riccio’s The Timmy Brothers features a fictional interview of a couple of Bushwick-based “watermakers” that hit 350K views on Vimeo since its release one year ago. Yes, you read correctly, ‘watermaking’ – the crafting of bespoke water. And if you weren’t already in the know, you can sample selected premium waters at the exclusive Colette’s Water Bar in Paris; a 75cl bottle of Acqua Panna, “with unique organoleptic features [properties that involve the use of the senses to you and me], from Tuscan hills” will set you back eight Euros.


Amongst many others, we found the video hilarious and began the hunt for more video content. The result is a mixed playlist of fictional and non-fictional videos, featuring artisan bakers, “liberating the energy of a tree” into their bread and beer-makers brewing because it is, “like coming home."