2016 in reflection: part 4

This week, we conclude our selection from the 'Altered Realties' exhibit at the Lethaby Gallery.

In part 4, we're featuring Juan Mateus (BA Fine Art 2018) who exhibited with '2016', a reflection of the many events in 2016 and their shared co-existence in the feelings of helplessness, confusion and disbelief.

Juan Mateus - '2016' - material: wood 19 x 19 x 6

Excerpt from '2016':

2016 Was created as a reaction to the main political events highlighted in mainstream media in 2016, specifically ‘Brexit’, the US presidential election process and outcome, and the Colombian peace deal referendum results. It illustrates the sense of helplessness, frustration, and disbelief most people felt as it came to light that fearmongering and non-truths triumphed over progress, equality and facts. The image of the mutilated bird makes reference to the threatened ideals of peace and freedom.