Man Repeller - a voice of reality in fashion

Fashion transcends its definition of the physical material we cover ourselves with. It’s where women like me, who are interested in fashion but who are also intellectuals do not feel ashamed of being both; one does not immediately negate the other.
— Mission Statement - Man Repeller website

It's hard to disrupt the fashion scene, but a blog - now website - set out to do just that. Man Repeller takes a humorous and evaluative tone of voice to fashion, writers voice our everyday concerns or what we didn't consider a concern. In a way, it informs an audience that never would have put these two voices together: period-safe outfits and this seasons Mansur Gavriel accessories.

Not to be taken in the literal sense, man repelling is about taking 'the need to please' out of the equation of fashion and asserting the self through individualism. With a triggering name, you could assume it's aim is to create a division. It doesn't however, negate one gender over another but encourages the conversation around experimentation of trends with a healthy, cynical point of view.   

Because why not, one voice has everything to do with the other if you approach fashion from a contextual and practical point of view: from who is wearing the clothes, how they are using them and who they really are. They're, for the most part, not size 0 models or headless mannequins but perhaps a person who doesn't want to sacrifice the art of layering, for the sake of menopausal ventilation. It is an open conversation that doesn't verge on the vulgar but openly discusses the realities of life. Furthermore, the point of individualism rings true especially in the face of social constructs: date nights or meeting the parents.

Credit: Man Repeller - Ask a Guy: Fashion, shot by Jay Buim and Man Repeller website.

Man Repeller challenged the preconceptions surrounding fashion and culture: its soliloquy of the serious, the social stigma of wearing culottes to a first date or how old is too old for Snapchat. In doing so, Leandra Medine – founder of the phenomenon – created a huge community of followers who, more than the fashion, enjoy her poignant voice that criticises and brings reality to fashion.

As a distinctive voice in the industry, Man Repeller has brought fashion into the context of the everyday and vice-versa. It would be interesting to see if this openness will permeate further into the deeper recesses of the fashion world.