2016 in reflection: part 2

This week, we continue with our selection from the 'Altered Realties' exhibit (Lethaby Gallery till 15th March '17) see part 1 here.

In part 2, we're featuring Anni Katrin Elmer (MA Photography CSM), who exhibited with Work in Progress: 'WYSIAYG - #whatyouseeisallyouget'. Elmer looks at the manipulation of global information in landscapes, Google Earth, and how this information is truly perceived. If parts of our world are void, what does this say about our perception of reality - outside of the so-called 'west'? 


Source: Katrin Elmer - WYSIAYG (#whatyouseeisallyouget) 

WYSIAYG - Katrin Elmer - Looped Video Installation 34:43

WYSIAYG - Katrin Elmer - Looped Video Installation 34:43


Excerpt taken from YouTube portfolio:

#whatyouseeisallyouget/ Work In Progress: Currently, I am exploring Google Earth, or as I’ll call it `Google West`, in order to get some insights and information about specific areas of the world (Here: Abuja, Aleppo, Bagdad, Jerusalem, Kabul, Khartum, Mogadishu, Naypyidaw and Tripolis). Captivated by these artificial landscapes, I try to show that `global` information is denied, manipulated, or just not available. I collect void information that only works as a stimulus for our eye-brain. I also highlight the possibility of a world without bodies.
— Anni Katrin Elmer