Green Week '17 - watching: 'How to Change the World' (2015)

As part of Green Week 2017, 'How to Change the World' by filmmaker Jerry Rothwell was screened here at CSM -examining the early days of Greenpeace and co-founder Bob Hunter's commitment to environmental issues.


This documentary, appropriate for seeing where the idea of 'Green' first started, gives witness to the coining of the term 'ecological movement' and its uprising in the world. From "no more Amchitka" to saving the whales from harpooning, Greenpeace rose as a formidable force and aligned humans with taking responsibility for their actions in nature. It is humbling to see, that in a time where advancement was ahead of consequence, it was possible for a group to bring this mentality around.

Perhaps, a key point in the story of Greenpeace was when a story became worth telling, because a protest concerned the lives of the majority and was no longer just a static news report, miles away from the viewer but at their front door. Although we can see the effects of this change today, with the inundation of news, stories and content - is it time for another unorganised revolution to bring the pressing news to the frontline?