2016 in reflection: part 1

CSM was invited to meditate on the altered realities occurring after the many events of 2016, in the form of an exhibition called 'Altered Realities', at Lethaby Gallery (till 15th March '17). In a four part series, we will be sharing our selection of projects from the exhibit.

Altered Realities Exhibition - Lethaby Galley (2017)


This week we're featuring First Sukpaiboon (MA Narrative Environments 2014), who exhibited with 'Cold Consumption'. Sukpaiboon questions the impact 400 billions cups of coffee/year could have on culture, economy and the environment. Is the cold-brew method a better fit for the changing nature of modern life?


Live installation - Cold Consumption (2017)

Excerpt from designer's website:

Utilising First’s experience and knowledge, she developed a recipe for HER Coffee Concentrate using the Toddy cold brew method. HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate offers speciality quality and flavour with the convenience of an instant coffee. No more drama brewing speciality coffee at home or in the workplace. Brew smarter by simply adding boiling water or milk to a measure of HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.
— Collections - HER - First Sukpaiboon