Mr. Erbil: Iraq's first gentlemen's fashion club for social good

A group of 30-core members in Iraq, have come together to celebrate the history of their country through fashion and to push for social good. The name borrows from the ancient city of Erbil Kurdistan and inspires their pursuit of change.  

Source: Mr. Erbil 

Source: Mr. Erbil 

Excerpt taken from Mr. Erbil:

A year ago today, in Erbil Kurdistan, three men from one of the world’s most ancient cities gathered with the aspiration to form a gentleman’s club; their vision was to instill into their youth that wearing the hottest, designer suits doesn’t in fact make you a man, but rather it is your character that defines it.

We wanted to, not only bring attention to the necessity of women’s rights, the protection of our environment, and our failing economy, but also to figure out ways to resolve these issues within our region. During this time, we faced many obstacles such as our failing economy, and the political issues that were brought on because of it. Despite our lack of resources, we were determined to turn our ideas into reality.