For Gen-Z food is a matter of lifestyle and social identity. A collective phenomenon, if not an obsession - that can at times lead to dangerous consequences. We explore the topic further in our feature The Anti-Climax of #foodporn.

Instagram itself provides guidelines on how to spot and deal with eating disorders as one person's profile might be the place to seek for hints.

Futurist experts have estimated that by the year 2030 computers in the price range of inexpensive laptops will have a computational power that is equivalent to human intelligence. [...] While technology has tremendous potential to empower humans, soon it will also be used to make them thoroughly obsolete in the workplace, whether by replacing, displacing, or surveilling them. More than ever designers need to look beyond human intelligence and consider the effects of their practice on the world and on what it means to be human
— Haakon Faste,, Adapted with permission from Digital Design Theory (Princeton Architectural Press, 2016) edited by Helen Armstrong.