uncanny identity


Emese Wu's graduating piece Liminality, looked at ways of representing the human body with disturbingly, familiar objects. Wu's focus, leans towards expressing life with the tools of death or utilising things that are indeed themselves dead. In this instance, Wu's dominant medium was hair.


Excerpt taken from Wu's artist statement:

A fascination with life, and ultimately death, has often been the trigger for my artistic expression, and so there is from the start a marked sense of ambiguity in my work, a sense of simultaneous possibilities. When I begin to construct a piece, I am conscious of the fragility of biological existence, its delicate surface subject to limitations, the creeping eventual deterioration, and the occasional moments of the miraculous.

In attempting to allow viewers the possibility of becoming deeply immersed in an ambience of senses and emotions, I found it necessary to create an impact similar to that of a dose of fundamentally experienced reality. In order to achieve this, I chose to involve both living and dead organisms (their deaths having been caused by either natural causes or accidents), everyday objects and objets trouvés, both natural and manufactured; all experienced in a duration of reality - that is, time.
— Emese Wu