the future of shared living

Introducing Dendel - a shelving system tackling today's intimate housing spaces by CSM graduate Maria Bezzina

Maria Bezzina - Dendel. Image courtesy of

Maria Bezzina - Dendel. Image courtesy of

One of the continuous discussion points surrounding interior design is space; whether that it is shared living spaces amongst many professionals or the decreasing floorspace available in 'new build' properties, designed to entice those determined to live in inner cities.

In either scenario, it appears that as urban dwellers buy into property, there appears to be less and less apace available to actually live in. Whilst the MINI Living installation at Milan Design Week showcased examples of conscious design that aimed at resolving this issue, here at CSM, students also were finding innovate alternatives.

Introducing Maria Bezzina, an MA Design: Furniture graduate and her project Dendel:


Excerpt taken from the MA Design: Ceramics; Furniture; Jewellery website.


"Designed and inspired for our overpopulated, consumerist society Dendel is a modular shelving system allowing the storage of ‘the small stuff’ yet it includes the storage of household furniture into it. Within the increasingly small floor plate of contemporary homes, more floor space for your daily activities is a huge gain. Dendel allows you to still have enough furniture when you want to entertain guests, providing a dynamic yet subtle design allowing you to add to it’s structural format in ways that you choose.

With a ‘double’ shelf allows you to hang the extra furniture in between it is possible to still store things in the formal manner on top of the shelf. The modular design allows a fit with a variety of different spaces and prompts the exploitation of unused spaces around the house. The shelf hangs and locks with the base machined uprights, fixed first to the wall during installation. The materials and joints allow maximum strength and rigidity for a long, durable ‘shelf life’."