hitting the nail on the head: WHATEVERWORKS

When a conceptual project and real life imitate one another.


CSM Graphic Design graduate Frankie Leung takes a playful approach to imagining the future of pharmaceutical powders and lotions, but with a humorous twist. WHATEVERWORKS is an ingenious play on cosmetics that could potentially save the day in our awkwardly narcissistic, contemporary world.



The greatest part of this design-focused project is that it has actually targeted a market that is ripe for the plucking. Leung's conceptual Poo Deodorant product is a real-life manufactured item by company Poo-pourri - evidence of there being a realistic market for this conceptual project and many others that emerge from CSM's design-led ethos.


YES Poo~Pourri is a real product, and YES it really works-guaranteed! Let's face it. Poop happens-and it stinks. Relieve yourself from bathroom anxiety in ANY situation with Poo~Pourri. Poo~Pourri is the ORIGINAL Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that removes the worry from pooping.