poo power!


Renewable energy has been an ongoing, global talking point to no end. For one reason or another, there hasn't been a widespread adoption of a 'cleaner' system that replaces the wasteful energy practices we currently hold.

It could be said that it isn't the concepts for cleaner energy that are flawed, but our responses to change; some of these alternative methods reach far beyond the comfort zone of our psyche, much to the detriment of potentially better energy practices.

GENeco's Bio-Bus could be an example of this.

Led by Wessex Water's renewable energy company GENeco and operated by First West of England, the Bio-Bus launched last year to cheers and high hopes for a fleet of buses that would run on a biomethane gas produced from a combination of inedible food waste and sewage.

Sadly, the project fell flat after the government backing required to launch the fleet was unsuccessful.

The resistance to utilising waste-based energy methods has been described as a 'cultural barrier' by associate professor of geography at University of Nottingham, Sarah Jewitt, "Poo is never very nice in any society. There are really strong cultural attitudes to what's acceptable and what people contemplate."

On a brighter note, the use of of the gas has been investigated for use within the national gas network. What are your thoughts of the uses of biomethane? Is the idea of using your waste as energy too disgusting to overcome?