the power of the artist alter-ego

Taking a brief look at the concepts of identity and branding in the art world.


If the name Clayton Pettet doesn't ring any bells, perhaps you are familiar with his alter ego Babymorocco? If not, you will most certainly recognise him from the sensationalised headlines generated by his performance piece Art School Stole My Virginity in 2014.


Pettet is a recently CSM graduated artist who has made use of our post-digital existence to his advantage, as he blurs the lines between being an artist who produces work and being the art piece in itself. He takes his role as a performer into the world of social media; a space where 24-hour surveillance is traditionally used to generate an insight to the self. But what if the self and the artwork are one? Is this a new challenge on performing identity or a transformation of how artists are approaching branding in the 21st century? Could it potentially be both?

See below for our (slightly wobbly) capture of Pettet's work exhibited at CSM's Degree Show One.