Brands are constantly on the lookout for insights to support their strategy and decision-making.

The Cross+ng offers brands and businesses tailored services including bespoke reports and workshops, that will enable them to hone in on new perspectives specific to their industry and needs.



We produce unique reports answering clients’ specific questions and goals.

Our research, findings and forecasts ranges from lifestyle, fashion, user experience to innovation.

The featured case study includes example reports, connecting insights on materials & technology, innovation, fashion and social trends. One of our findings in this particular series showed trends blossoming in the world of additive manufacturing.




While the reports deliver in-depth creative intelligence that the client can use and share, our workshops are designed to showcase our design-led methodology on how to apply insights to the clients’ needs.

These workshops start with an interactive presentation of the report and build into a hands-on session, in which we help our client connect the dots and collaborate with them to implement these insights into their strategy.


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